steel needles

Ceratec is the only exclusive agency of Fibre Technology Limited for Austria, the Czech Republic, Poland, Slovakia, Slovenia and Hungary.

Fiber Technology is one of the leading producers of steel needles for the refractory industry.

Working closely with refractories manufacturers and suppliers, Fibretech has developed a packaging range and unique fiber design that ensures easy addition and rapid distribution of the fibers in the refractory mass.

Steel needles are used as an addition to refractory concretes to control and minimize cracking. The steel needles are available in different qualities, alloys and sizes.

Fibretech advantages:

significant savings for operating costs and downtimes in the refractory sector. A special range of custom-made, cost-effective steel needle alloys for all applications
Sophisticated RS production technologywhich guarantees excellent high temperature properties and corrosion resistance
Lowest fiber cost, optimized fiber geometry, fast fiber distribution, easy mixing and insertion, and maximized performance are guaranteed
Specially designed packagingto minimize handling costs and to meet the specific needs of customers
An established reputation as Supplier of first-class products and service for the international refractories manufacturer and consumer industries
The first manufacturer of RS stainless steel fibers with certification to ISO 9000
Unrivaled, comprehensive expertise about steel fiber technology and economical refractory applications